Can Julian Newman Make the NBA or College-Level

Can Julian Newman Make the NBA or College-Level?

He is 1.7 meters tall. He hasn’t played competitive basketball since 2020. Now, people know him for his lowlights rather than his highlights. Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about Julian Newman.

Julian Newman was among the most famous basketball players about a decade ago. In fact, he was more prominent than most NBA players. But where is Julia Newman now? Why couldn’t he make it to the NBA or even college-level basketball? Does he still have a chance to make it to the NBAor even college-level basketball?

Can Julian Newman Make the NBA or College-Level?

We’ll answer all the aforementioned questions and many more in the ‘Can Julian Newman Make the NBA’ guide. But first, we’ll discuss the related background history here. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

Who Is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is an American basketball player who rose to stardom earlier than most. But you know what they say about handling early fame:

“The most important thing you can do to stay grounded while you cope with fame is to stay in touch with the people who knew you before this all started. It’s important to remember where you came from and who was there for you when it was just another day and not a national vacation.”

Anyway, as the years went on, Julian Newman was seen more in a negative light. When he was younger, people could blame his dad. But now, he is an adult, yet still, he is nowhere near the NBA contract.

Even though, according to some sources, he was declared for the NBA draft earlier this year. But there was no follow-up on that news. So, let’s find out what exactly happened to him with a bit of the background history of Julian Newman.

Background History of Julian Newman

Julian Newman started playing Varsity Basketball in fifth grade when he was just 4 feet,5-inches tall, and weighing only 70 pounds. By the time he graduated high school in 2020, Julian had scored over 5000 points. At the time, many people thought he would be the next Stephen Curry and had Duke and Kentucky begging at his door to sign him. But that was not the case for him.

Unfortunately for Julian Newman, Duke and Kentucky never recruited him. But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is he is not even playing NCAA Division I basketball. So, let’s break down Julian Newman’s background history into different sections.

1.     Role of Julian Newman’s dad:

Shortly after Julian started playing Varsity Basketball at ten, Julian’s dad sent videos of his son playing basketball to MaxPreps. Within a week, Julian Newman was a viral basketball sensation all over the internet. Julian was getting so much hype that he got to be on talk shows and met the great Kobe Bryant. In fact, Kobe signed his shoes for him.

But his dad became arrogant when Julian started getting all of this hype. For instance, in an interview about Julian, his dad said he could do stuff that Chris Paul and Derrick Rose couldn’t.

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For the next couple of years, Julian’s hype kept increasing. He averaged crazy numbers and became the youngest player to score 1000 points at the Varsity level. All in all, he was becoming a basketball mixtape legend.

Julian’s dad said that Julian received multiple Division I and pro offers. But several reports and YouTube videos claimed that Julian and his dad were lying about these offers.

In fact, the main reason why people think that Julian and his dad might be lying about those offers is that none of the major recruiting websites have mentioned anything about Julian Newman having any offers. So, did Julian get all these offers in high school and decide not to take any of them?

2.     Julian Newman’s career before entering high school:

Shortly before entering high school, Julian faced off against another player who was getting a lot of hype then. You might remember him as Kyree Walker.

This scenario might sound like the game where Julian finally got exposed. But it’s not, as he lived up to the surrounding hype. Julian scored 52 points in that game and walked away with the ‘W. So, Julian’s hype continued in high school and on YouTube over the next couple of years.

But what exactly went wrong and why isn’t Julian Newman playing college basketball or in the NBA? How did he go from being a 5th-grade Varsity Basketball player to not even being able to play Division I? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in the next section.

Why Is Julian Newman Not Playing NBA and Division I?

People often ask, ‘Can Julian Newman make the NBA?The short answer to this question is, ‘No, he can’t play NBA.Why?

Let’s answer this question and determine why he doesn’t even play Division I with the help of three factors.

1.     Height:

Let’s start with the least important reason –Julian Newman’s height. You may think that ‘height’ is the least important factor. But when it comes to the NBA, it matters.

As mentioned earlier, Julian Newman stands at 1.70 meters tall. Although it’s not impossible to play in the NBA with a short height, it definitely helps to be at least six feet tall.

More importantly, now that he’s an adult and his competition has grown into their adult bodies, Julian isn’t able to score with as much ease as he used to when he was the same height as everybody else when they were kids.

2.     Attitude:

The second reason has to do with the fact that Julian Newman has an attitude problem.

Julian has been evicted from games, arguing with coaches and fighting other people. So, college and NBA teams’ coaches do not want someone on their team who will be a headache.

3.     Inability to play point guard:

The third factor why Julian Newman isn’t playing Division I or NBA is his inability to play point guard.

He did not know how to play point guard when he was still in high school. If you know anything about basketball, you know that being a point guard is much more than being able to dribble and shoot a basketball. In fact, as a point guard, your team players expect you to be a floor general, hit the open man, and have a high basketball IQ. They expect you to dribble the ball only when needed, not just to dribble around for fun.

As most of you know about Julian Newman, he barely ever passed the ball to his teammates. So, college and NBA coaches do not want this unprofessionalism on their roster.

This doesn’t mean that Julian was an average player. He still averages excellent stats. But when you watch the whole game, those stats don’t matter when you see how many shots he’s taking and how many times he should have passed the ball to his teammate, yet he decided to shoot a bad shot.

Can Julian Newman Make the NBA – the Conclusion:

Julian Newman was a highly gifted basketball player. He’s not an NBA talent, though, so no. There were, of course, NBA players who were his height. But when those players played, things were easier, and they possessed the additional athletic prowess that Julian lacked. Although the NBA is different from high school, he is an excellent ball handler and displays his abilities there. At best, he may be a street basketballer, occasionally dropping players and getting blocked.

Since Julian Newman isn’t playing basketball right now, it looks like he is going down the route of being a social media influencer. He has a reality tv show with his family called ‘Hello Newmans. He is doing paid-outs on Instagram. He also has his own brand called ‘Prodigy, which he promotes on his Instagram as well.

Whether Julian Newman chooses basketball (in the future) or another career path, we wish him all the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     Are the Newmans actually good at basketball?

Yes, Julian Newman was good at basketball. In fact, his stats are living proof of it. But his attitude, inability to play point guard and most importantly, his dad were the reasons for his downfall.

2.     Can Julian Newman dunk?

Yes, he can. In fact, dunking was one of his fortes. But in professional basketball, your team players expect you todribble the ball only when needed, not just to dribble around for fun. And that’s one of the significant reasons whyJulian Newman is not playing Division I or the NBA.

3.     Is Julian Newman a pro basketball player?

No. Julian Newman never made it to the NBA or Division I because he lacked the skills of being a team player.

4.     Julian Newman is not 5’7”. Is that right?

Julian Newman is actually ‘1.70 meters’ tall, equivalent to ‘5.57743 feet. So, he is not 5 feet, 7-inches.

5.     What is Julian Newman age?

As of today, he is 21 years old.

6.     What rank is Julian Newman?

Although he’s the starting point guard for Downey Christian School, he never knew how to be a point guard.

7.     Where is Julian Newman nowadays?

Julian Newman has a reality tv show with his family called ‘Hello Newmans. He is doing paid-outs on Instagram. He also has his own brand called ‘Prodigy, which he promotes on his Instagram as well. So, it seems like he is going down the route of being a social media influencer.

8.     Who does Julian Newman play for?

Julian Newman played for his middle school (Downey Christian School) team.

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