Are Basketball Shoes Good for Gym?

Although basketball fans love basketball shoes for so many reasons. Also, they want to wear them all the time but it is not feasible if you think about it for a second. But still, some people ask are basketball shoes good for gym.

And being the experts in the basketball category, we might contradict this opinion or have the same opinion as others.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Gym

In this article, we’ll reveal what we think about this argument and how good they are in the gym if you wear them while working out. So please keep reading until you find out our take on this.

Are basketball shoes good for gym?

If you ask them this question from our experts, they’ll simply say no. It’s not because of your shoes but majorly because of your foot health.

We know that basketball help a lot in running and all but wearing them in the gym, you will regret the most. This is because basketball shoes are not made to give your feet comfort.

7 Reasons Basketball Shoes Are Not Good For The gym

One should not wear basketball shoes in the gym while working for so many reasons but we are listing 7 out of them.

1. Basketball shoes have cushions that eliminate your ability to move naturally

When you wear basketball shoes while exercising, you will feel that normal gym shoes are better. It’s because these shoes are just for quick and fast movements. And a treadmill doesn’t require you to move so quickly as you just have to run straight. Basically, exercising in basketball shoes lessens your abilities and balance.

On the other hand, we would suggest you buy a new pair of proper gym shoes because they don’t have any extra cushioning. Also, the padding that they have still helps you in exercising rather than creating hurdles for you.

2. The stiff sole of the basketball shoes limits your movement

In the gym, while exercising you have to sprint and lunge to do the top-level workout. But if you can’t do this, you will miss the opportunity to get a beneficial workout. Also, your feet are not able to move and flex easily, therefore, we suggest only wearing running shoes specially made for the gym.

As much as upper body strength is important, the same goes for your lower body. And if you wear gym shoes and then exercise, then your mobility will increase and you will make for strong lower body muscles.

3. Balancing becomes harder for you with the thicker soles

The basketball shoes, in short, are good for nothing but they just take the space in your closet. This is because when you do one leg exercise like squats or lunges, you will feel it harder to balance. So these shoes are just for basketball and not for any kind of support in the gym.

In fact, when you wear these shoes and think about them being the greatest option for you, you’re absolutely wrong. These shoes can only hurt you in one way or the other but not help you in any way.

4. Your movement and flexibility limits when you wear these kinds of shoes during squats

So what we mean by the above statement is that you shouldn’t wear too bulky items while exercising. This is because these shoes don’t allow any type of movement that requires flexibility.

So a gym trainee will not like to be restricted to only a limited amount of movements because they’re wearing too much for the squats.

Most importantly the people who are new to exercising and don’t know the tips and tricks or even the basics of exercising, would not feel good.

As the basketball shoes restrict your movement, especially inside the shoes, it may start hurting your knees as well if you do the squats. And if you have never practices squats or you’re a first-timer, then it’s not even a thing to consider wearing a pair of basketball shoes.

5. Your ankle is set to hurt like a pet rule after pronation

Ankle pain during gym exercises is a major problem because of basketball shoes. It is because these types of shoes are usually high and when you overpronate in these shoes; you are going to face exacerbation for sure.

The high heeled shoes are usually more beneficial for those who play hard sports or are athletes of any type. Usually what happens is that athletes are more prone to rolling their ankles. You can say that high heels make your joints prone to getting hurt soon.

Your running style should be modified according to your high-heeled shoes if you like to wear basketball shoes because otherwise, you won’t survive as they don’t provide the ideal condition for exercising.

6. Shoes with a high-top cut like some basketball shoes support your ankles

Although we are saying that high-top cut shoes are best for your ankles in some situations but still you need to be careful. Also, your foot type decides whether it is a good choice for you or not. Most importantly, high-top cut shoes are not good for people with low arches or pronators.

The expert advice would be to not wear high-top cut shoes because padding around your ankles will exert a lot of pressure there. And if you are running in full force then your ankle may dislocate or join and may start hurting permanently.

On the other hand, low-cut shoes with a lot of air circulation and comfort throughout the day can be the best option for you.

7. Basketball shoes don’t absorb any impact on your feet

Most of the gym exercises require you to jump, lift, and run a lot. And when you do all these you basically do it in the most natural way of yours.

Similarly, when the impact absorption is almost like nothing in your shoes, then your foot will make contact with the ground in a completely different way. And this is the biggest laddie between basketball shoes and gym exercises.

Furthermore, if you keep wearing these same basketball shoes every day during the exercises it will lead to fatigue and you may get permanently injured. It is because of the hard rubber sole in your shoes that sometimes absorbs the impact like a cushion but mostly it doesn’t.

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Are basketball shoes good for gym? Absolutely not recommended. Yes, people of a certain kind like basketball fanatics love to wear them especially when they’re training or playing basketball.

But these shoes should be worn only when they’re made to. Otherwise, permanent injuries are waiting for you.

Although gym or training shoes are a lot better than these shoes because they don’t have anything that can harm you in any way. Common sense would say that is why you would wear basketball shoes in the gym and not the trainer shoes that are made to be worn in the gym.

If you liked this article, please share it with others. Also, if you have any questions then please ask in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to answer you.

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