Is Playing Basketball Can Make You Taller?

Have you ever heard the bizarre hypothesis that participating in basketball might increase your height? I vividly remember the moment I first learned about this idea, back when I was a young power forward playing youth basketball. I’d always imagined myself growing to 7 feet tall and joining the NBA.

Despite playing the game for many years, I sadly never grew taller than 6 feet 3 inches. Even while that might seem tall by normal standards, NBA or NCAA basketball post players would find it to be exceedingly short.

Is Playing Basketball Can Make You Taller

Basketball has long been thought to increase height, however, there is no evidence to support this theory. Regular basketball play does not seem to increase a person’s average height. In this piece, we’ll go into further depth about this idea of height and see if practicing basketball has an effect on it.

Is There Proof That Basketball Increases Your Height?

According to research, basketball does not directly impact a person’s maximum height. Muggsy Bogues, a former star point guard for the Charlotte Hornets, would have grown much taller than his current height of 5 feet 3 inches if it were the truth. Bogues was an excellent dribbler and ball handler but was never among the tallest players on any of the teams he has played for.

Basketball might make you hungry and help you get bigger muscles. Even though these are two necessary ingredients for a growth spurt, simply playing basketball won’t make someone taller.

If so, why are basketball players so tall in general?

Genetic composition is the main determinant of final height. If both of your parents are tall, your chances of growing taller as you age are higher. The inverse is also true.

When we think about the Muggsy Boots from our previous example, this is clear. At barely 4 feet 11 inches and 5 feet 5 inches, respectively, Muggsy’s mother and father are also fairly little. Genetics is the main reason for Muggsy’s small stature (5 feet, 3 inches).

Maybe Shaquille O’Neal? His huge height was mostly a result of his genetic makeup. The heights of Shaq’s parents are 6 feet 2 inches for his mother and 6 feet 1 inch for his father. Shaq soon outgrew both of his parents and reached a height of almost 7 feet.

Manute Bol, a former NBA center who stood at 7 feet 7 inches, is a great example of how heredity may affect height. A large Sudanese family raised Bol. Both Bol’s parents were the same height, standing at 6 feet 8 inches.

With 1,599 points, 2,647 rebounds, and 2,086 blocks in his final NBA season, Bol put together a tremendous finale. Both a fierce advocate for human rights and one of the best shot blockers in NBA history, he is highly regarded.

Crazy basketball growth spurts

The sport is known for its mind-blowing moves and jaw-dropping shots, as well as the dramatic growth spurts of some of its best competitors. In actuality, a number of players made it to the NBA after experiencing a significant development spurt in high school that allowed them to be offered scholarships to renowned basketball teams at prestigious institutions.

Numerous athletes, many of whom are already among the best in their states and who are developing their skills, find themselves unexpectedly NBA-eligible after gaining 6 to 12 inches in height in a single year.

Basketball players who are big and athletic tend to rely more on their physical strength than their technical skill, making it harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. So, in order to play the game, you need to have a dominant height, unless you’re a freak athlete.

After putting in a lot of effort to develop their skills and then adding a few more inches in one summer, several players have seen great success as a result of growth spurts.

Some Other Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

As most people are aware, playing sports like basketball has a variety of positive effects on your health. These advantages are listed below.

Effect on endurance

Basketball is a strenuous sport that requires a lot of running. Due to all the running around the court, basketball players may achieve incredible cardiovascular fitness. Maintaining proper cardiac fitness can reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease, the major cause of death later in life.

During a game of basketball, the heart and lungs must work harder to supply the muscles with enough oxygen. The circulatory system, in particular, gains from all that blood flow in the human body.

When a player is in peak condition, his high stamina level will allow him to play the entire game without pausing to catch his breath.

Spike in your HGH

The human growth hormone is one of the strongest hormones present in the body (HGH). Basketball requires a lot of hard running, which boosts HGH levels, particularly in young athletes.

Studies have shown that intense exercise can temporarily increase HGH levels by up to 530%. Growth hormone is essential for encouraging bone growth in children. Additionally, it could encourage the opening of the growth plates, which is how children acquire height.

Effect on your nutrition

Basketball might significantly increase someone’s appetite. Due to all the running and leaping, basketball players must have a balanced diet to get all the nutrients they need.

It is extremely important to consume enough high-quality protein since muscles cannot grow or recover without it. A few basketball players chose to use various protein supplements as a result. It might be difficult to get enough protein through food alone.

Even though eating well requires discipline, many top basketball players believe that eating well improves their performance on the court. High school basketball players should exercise caution while eating a lot of junk food, as should kids and teenagers.

Concentration enhancement

Basketball is a fast-paced sport, thus players must have rapid thinking skills. This requires a high degree of focus, particularly while learning or executing new plays during practices and games.

A culture that is obsessed with technology makes it harder and harder to focus. Playing basketball can help someone develop the ability to concentrate on their task more intensely. A person who can concentrate will have far more success in all of their life’s pursuits.

Do any sports or activities increase your height?

No, as we’ve already mentioned, playing a sport cannot instantly affect a person’s height. A person’s nutrition, hormone levels, or sleep may not be significantly affected by playing sports like basketball or volleyball.

Is basketball good for stress reduction?

A well-known natural stress reducer is exercise. Basketball is a fantastic kind of physical activity since it increases levels of strong endorphins like serotonin and adrenaline.

As a result, basketball players are less prone to suffer from despair and anxiety. When there is a healthy way to blow off steam, people are better equipped to face the daily stresses of life.

At which age do you stop growing?

Boys typically continue to develop until the age of 19, while most females attain their peak height by the age of 17. Remember that this is just a generalization and that there are certain exceptions. Several people achieve their ultimate height later in life, while others stop growing at a younger age.

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It is widely acknowledged that how tall you grow depends on your genes. Of course, there are certain exceptions, like your gender, your availability for nourishment, and any underlying medical or congenital issues you may have.

Consult a doctor if you are concerned about your height or if your child isn’t developing as planned. They can discuss your dietary concerns with you and perhaps assist in ruling out any hormonal issues.

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