How To Fix Or Remove Broken, Rusty, Or Bent Basketball Pole

Basketball as a sport was created more than a century ago. One of the most popular games, it is played worldwide. Playing is pleasant, but mastering the game takes a lot of practice.

Buying expensive equipment, like a basketball hoop, can be difficult and costly for beginners.

And still, there can be problems with those hoops, like they can get rusted, bent, or broken if you regularly use them.

And as it is expensive to buy a new hoop, you will probably be repairing the existing ones.

How To Fix Or Remove Broken, Rusty, Or Bent Basketball Poll

But most people don’t know how to repair a rusty, bent, or broken basketball pole. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we got your back as we are going to teach you how to repair your pole. Hang tight and read every word of the article below.

Let’s dive straight into it.

How to fix a broken basketball pole

If your broken pole is cemented, broken down, and is sticking out of the ground, you can attempt to attach a new pole component. Make sure the old pole appears safe and secure with the concrete in place before you begin.

Then you can grab some type of pipe, which will have a large surface thickness(it will provide strength). Slip the top piece in place over the old pole, then in the next step, weld it perfectly.

Slip the top piece into place over the old pole, then have it welded.

Use epoxy

To keep the pole perfectly upright, insert 2″x4″s. The pole is then stabilized by being loaded with concrete grout. The basketball system would be more stable if the two pipes fit more tightly together.

You can also use concentric pipes to make it more secure.

Always remember to fill the pole with cement or any other thing to prevent rusting, as water can be stored in the pole and cause rusting. You can also use a cap on the head of the pole.

How to fix a Bent Basketball Pole

Firstly, look how bent it is. Is it just a little bit of a large bend that can break the pole if you put strength into it? The pole is likely to be severely damaged if it rains more than a little.

It might even be possible to save some of it. How much strength it will lose will depend on how hard you have to work to save it.


There are a few ways to save the pole, and the first one is to weld some stiffeners around the bent. It will be weak but can be used as a standard for basketball play.

HI trigger start torch

Blowing it off with an HI trigger start torch is the most difficult thing you can do. Although you would have it vertical, you would lose around 4-5 inches of height.

If you’re skilled with a torch, take a binding, heat it for a short period, and it will dissolve by itself.

Bind with a tree

Another way to save the pole is to tie it to a tree nearby. You may tie the tree with a used car tire padding to safeguard it using an imported cable come-along puller, such as this 2-Ton Power Puller. If the rigging requires expanding, use a tow chain.

How to fix a Rusty basketball Pole

The rusty basketball pole is ugly and old. Rust can also destroy the quality of the pole. And you should fix that. In rust repair, the more work you put in will give you better results.

Here are a few ways to do that.


I would recommend using Ospho for this purpose. Here is the method for using Ospho. Apply a thin coating of Ospho. Permit a day to pass. Add one more layer.

Once more, let it sit for 24 hours. Take a can, fill it with water and soap, and wash the pole down. Then prime it, let it dry, and paint the pole.

Classic Method

Here is another classical method if you want to remove the rust. Get a drill-compatible wire brush and use it. Rust on the metal facade may be removed using a wire brush. If you don’t want the pole back, remove as much rust as you can from it.

To make the pole smooth and prevent the paint from peeling, only scrape the loose rust, not truly remove it completely.

The pole should be primed with an all-surface enamel oil primer. After polishing it, use a rust primer to prevent corrosion.

Nonetheless, always use safety equipment when using this procedure, such as gloves, safety glasses, etc.

Which paint is applied to a basketball pole?

For this repair, a paint-like Rust-Professional Oleum’s High-Performance Enamel Spray paint would be the best option.

Can you change a basketball hoop’s base?

On all models of portable basketball hoops, PRO BASE takes the place of the plastic foundation. No matter their size or shape, it works with any pole on the market.

Put the pole straight into PRO BASE after removing the base.

What is the cost of removing a basketball pole?

To remove steel fence posts, use the jack. These poles will require a lot of force to remove, so use your jack to attach a chain with metal links at least 1/4 inch in diameter and loop the chain as closely as you can around the metal posts.

Crank the jack after placing the chain’s end on the tongue.

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So we have provided you with all the methods you can use to repair your rusted, broken, or bent basketball hoop. We hope this article will help you.

Always remember to follow precautions while repairing. And if you don’t want to repair it, just replace it.

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