Ways To Become A Better Basketball Player

Becoming extraordinary at basketball is not a daunting task until you have determination. We know that you have skills and you are trying your best to play superbly for your team. This is all one should need; spirit and determination. These two are the first steps towards the goal of becoming better basketball players.

After these steps come other basic points about which you have never thought. These points are minor but extremely important and matter a lot while playing. Sometimes minor points are all you need to become the best basketball player. Let’s go through the article to find these important points.

Ways To Become A better Basketball Player

Ways to Become Better a Basketball Player

1. Control Over Ball

As the name suggests everything in basketball is about a ball. Get yourself full control over the ball. This can be achieved with focus. You can attain control with the help of the athletic position of your static body. Keep your nose behind your tose and keep on dribbling the ball on the sides of your foot.

Show some aggressiveness to the basketball while dribbling, this will help to maintain the position of the basketball along with your hand. When you become a master at dribbling, start practicing combination dribbles that will be so helpful in-game.

2. Practice Shooting

Practice shooting from different positions. The more you are efficient in shooting the ball the player you become. It is necessary to know what is your maximum range for shooting. Keep your eye on the rim of the basket and be focused while throwing the ball.

3. Dribbling Too Hard

Most of the players think that dribbling too hard can make them better basketball players, well that is not true. There is a technique in dribbling in which you maintain a specific position and gently dribble the ball with a firm hold over a ball. Keep your back straight and knees bend while dribbling.

4. Improve Your Weakness

Everybody knows about their weaknesses. The same is in the basketball game, identify your weakness and improve them in your free time. For example, if you have a dribbling problem with a non-dominant hand then you can improve that in your free time.

If you are weak at giving a pass to your friend then you should practice that often. You must have heard the phrase that ” Practice makes a man perfect”, it is true, just keep on practicing and you can eliminate all your flaws.

5. Physical Fitness

To play any game, you need enough stamina to wrap the game on good terms. In the same way, basketball demands your stamina. You have to keep it up throughout the game. To build up stamina you must exercise daily and put on some muscles as well. These muscles will help you show aggressiveness while dripping and during your ball throw in a net.

In playing any game, your whole body should work together. But as your lower body plays a vital role in basketball, the mechanics of your lower body should be perfect. Try to keep your upper body in a square shape and let your legs reflex every second.

6. Defender and You

Create space from a defender in such a way that your body plays as a shield between you and the defender. Try to move your shoulder against the chest of a defender. While giving dodge to your defender make sure that your grip over the ball is extra firm.

This could be a very weak moment for you don’t get nervous, stay focused on the movement of your feet and the working of your hands over the ball. Focus on three major things at this moment: disrupting their balance, protecting the ball, and creating a smooth lane towards your goal.

7. Accept Criticism

Whenever your coach or audience criticizes you, just accept that criticism with calmness. This is for your own benefit. You would know what the audience wants from you. You can work on your flaws and correct them later on. learning is a never-ending process and you can definitely become a better version of yourself by consistently practicing to become a better basketball player.

Do shoes play any role in basketball?

Yes, they do matter a lot. Basketball shoes play a vital role in constant jumping and sudden stopping. They are created for shock absorbers. They are made quite flexible for the players.

Can you wear jeans while playing basketball?

It is better if you don’t wear jeans while playing basketball. Try wearing shorts or flexible pants that help you attain different body postures and you don’t feel uncomfortable while playing. It is better to dress up properly for basketball.

What injuries can you get from playing basketball?

You cannot get severe injuries but ankle sprains and fingers jammed are most common. It’s really rare to get an injury while playing basketball.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because you can. You can always be a better version of yourself and can definitely become a better basketball player. Just keep on practicing, watch other pro players and observe their techniques, know about your role in a game, and maintain your posture and physical fitness.

These are the few tips to follow up and you can definitely become a better basketball player. Remember to accept criticism and work on it, this will also make you a better player.

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