Are Adidas Basketball Shoes?

Adidas is a big brand that sells lifestyle products for both; men and women. But since Adidas is a big brand, so is basketball, so you need to know “Are Adidas basketball shoes?”

Because many players have been seen wearing basketball shoes by Adidas on the court even in their national games. To make the answer short and crispy, yes, Adidas has basketball shoes in their collection. 

Are Adidas Basketball Shoes

Are Adidas Basketball Shoes?

Yes, Adidas are basketball shoes and this can already be seen in many basketball matches where players wear Adidas. But don’t get confused and think that Adidas has all their shoes for basketball.

In fact, there are certain collections that you can see like the Men’s basketball shoes by Adidas as well as the Men’s sneakers as a separate collection like others. So, if you are thinking about buying Adidas for playing basketball on the court, make sure to buy the ones that are specifically for basketball.

Adidas Signature Player Basketball Shoes Designs

There have been many famous players that have been on the court making miracles happen in real life. That’s why they have a huge fan following and Adidas cares for those fans of the specific players.

Hence, they have made certain designs to give tribute to those legendary players as well as their playing styles.

Here is the list of some of the basketball players that Adidas has given tribute to, by making their signature shoes.

  • Donovan Mitchell
  • James Harden
  • Trae Young
  • Damian Lillard

Adidas has all kinds of shoes for all ages like you can get a pair of basketball shoes if you are too young. Also, you can get the sneakers if you are even too old, there are no boundaries and age groups that Adidas discriminates against and believes in. They do it all for everyone out there. 

Features That Adidas Basketball Shoes Have

1. Long-lasting Comfort, Energy, And Cushioning

So as basketball is a game of nerves and hard work we all know, therefore, there had to be some good basketball shoes. The shoes that we can wear and get support from them as we do with our nerves. Obviously, nobody would want to get shoes that are a problem during the match rather than being a support for your feet and legs.

So these basketball shoes from Adidas have enough cushioning to let you jump and land down successfully and easily. Also, they have enough support for your ankles and provide enough energy every time you sprint and break for rapid twists and turns. 

2. Primeknit And Fusedmesh Innovative Technology

The basketball shoes from Adidas provide you with very long-lasting comfort and let you enjoy the game even if it’s a practice match. This is mainly because the Primeknit technology that is so innovative that there’s no match for it on the market. It’s an upper for your feet that fit your feet so well and still does not let you feel discomfort at any level.

Also, the lightweight and wrapping features of this snug upper make it a unique comforter for a basketball player’s feet. Similar to this technology, there is another one implemented in some of the Adidas basketball shoes called “Fusedmesh technology.” This upper for your feet is so lightweight and breathable that it becomes hard to choose one out of them.

3. Fractal Traction Pattern

The basketball shoes by Adidas have these beautiful fractal traction patterns, as Adidas says, on the outer sole. These patterns are there for providing you with the maximum grip on the court when you sprint during the match.

They help a big hand in stopping and taking immediate turns while trying to go for a basket. All these benefits of an Adidas basketball shoe, add to your control on the court during the pressure situation.

Best Kind Of Basketball Shoes That You Should Get

Well, the type of basketball shoes you should get depends on what are your playing style and your position on the court. So, most basketball players get some versatile kind of basketball shoes because they have to play in almost all positions. This mostly happens when they play hybrid on purpose or they’re unable to find their best place to play and master that position. 

If you want more support for your ankles, buy high-top basketball shoes. But for a little freedom to your feet and ankles but still holding on to the support, get the mid-top basketball shoes. Please note that the lower the ankle cut of your shoes, the more vulnerable you become during the game because of the lack of support for your ankles.

We suggest consulting a professional basketball coach for a better understanding of which shoes you want.

The Main Difference Between High Tops And The Normal Basketball Shoes

The terminology high top is not only for certain types of non-basketball shoes because basketball shoes can also be high tops. Main and the only difference between high tops and basketball shoes is that basketball shoes can have a category of high top basketball shoes.

Similarly, the high tops can be basketball shoes, and non-basketball shoes are in a separate category. But all the basketball shoes are either mid or low–cut shoes if they’re not high-top shoes, that’s for sure.

As we know that high-top basketball shoes are designed to support your ankles and Achilles. But the players have to find the best mid sole technology cushions that support them during the layups in the game such as; Adidas Bounce and Adidas Boost.

But most of the players and even Adidas themselves have recommended getting a mid-sole Lightstrike for getting a quick response and enough speed to sprint during the game.

The Best Way To Clean Basketball Shoes

If you want to clean your basketball shoes, just follow the steps in this short guide and you will easily be able to do it yourself.


  • Warm water
  • Washcloth
  • Eco-friendly detergent
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpick


  1. Remove any pebbles and big dirt particles from the grooves of the shoes using a toothpick.
  2. Now scrub all the dirt from the shoes with the toothbrush, and try to clean them completely.
  3. Use the washcloth; make it wet with warm water and eco-friendly detergent.
  4. Wipe away the entire dirt residue and stains from the shoes with that piece of a wet washcloth.
  5. Repeat the 4th step until the show is completely clean and shiny.
  6. Wash the insoles and the laces of the shoes in the washing machine by setting it at delicate with cold water in it.
  7. Let the shoes, laces, and insoles dry for some time, and enjoy wearing them.

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Can You Play Basketball In Adidas Shoes?

Yes, you can play basketball in Adidas shoes because Adidas has an entire collection of basketball shoes. It is also very useful when you want to play in a certain style of some famous basketball player whose particular style of shoes is in the Adidas collection.

What Is Considered Basketball Shoes?

Well, all the professional basketball players wear particular basketball shoes in their matches. But since the main purpose of all those shoes is to provide traction on the court and ankle support. So, you can wear any shoes that have these two basic qualities.

Are Adidas Superstars Basketball Shoes?

Yes, Adidas Superstar is a basketball shoe launched in 1970. These shoes have some great qualities like the leather upper and the rubber shell toe. But the most important thing was these shoes were low-top shoes for basketball players being so lightweight, grippy, and flexible.

Does NBA use Nike or Adidas?

NBA and Nike have been working together on and off since 1997-98 and then 2001-02. But it finally happened in 2017 the NBA signed a contract with Nike and now Nike is the official manufacturer of the NBA jerseys. 

Is It Ok To Use Running Shoes For Basketball?

Yes, running shoes can be used for playing basketball. But those are not recommended if you have proper basketball shoes with ankle support as well. This is because running shoes also provide you traction on the road and if they can do the same on the court, you should wear them.


So after all this useful but very long piece of information to sum it up for you whether are Adidas basketball shoes or not, they are. Now don’t get confused between basketball shoes by Adidas and the normal sneakers. Adidas has categorized their basketball shoes in their special tribute to all the legends of basketball according to their unique style of playing.

So just grab the shoes that you like and need according to which playing style you are going to adopt in the future.

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