Ways To Earn Playing Time In Basketball

Ways To Earn Playing Time In Basketball

Basketball can get strenuous, and demanding at some point, especially, when you have a tough opposing team causing you to lose playing time. That doesn’t necessarily happen voluntarily but there are many tips and ways to earn playing time in basketball. More time on the court not only determines how good of a player you are but also increases the team’s winning probability.

Like every other player, I am sure you want more minutes to prove yourself on the court. You can tell your teammates, the coach, and the crowd what you are made of and what you can do if you are given more playing time on the basketball court. All you need to do is be more tactful and strategically sound. Here are some ways to earn playing time basketball which I am sure will help many of you.

Ways To Earn Playing Time In Basketball

Ways To Earn Playing Time In Basketball

While most people might not know, the playing time is the time allowed for the players to actually play on the court. During this time, they have the opportunity to earn as many scores as possible. I have compiled some of the ways to earn playing time which not only increases your chances of winning but also boosts your morale.

Show The Coach You Are Worthy To Be In The Court

The first and foremost thing to do is, show the coach you deserve to have the playing time. For that matter, you need to put your personal goals aside and put the team’s interests in front. Playing with good speed, and motivation will get your coach’s trust. This will in return get you playing time.

Do What You Are Good At

Every player has different abilities. Not everyone is good at everything. Some are good at guarding the ball, some at playing defense, and some at rebounding. During the tryouts, put your whole strength into the thing you are good at. Do not try to waste your time on anything you aren’t good at. If you do so, you will end up losing the chance to score. Your coach can notice that and will consider not giving you playing time on the court.

Hard Work Pays Off

A player might not be as extraordinary as the other player, but the coach will always notice the hardworking player. Your efforts and hard work in playing will earn you your coach’s trust and respect so that he can give you playing time on the field. It doesn’t even matter if you lose chances to score, your hard work will be seen and acknowledged by everyone.

Be Defensive And Aggressive When Needed

A defender player knows how to guard the ball, and when is the time to get the ball into the basket. Aggression in a positive sense during the game not only upscales your morale but also increases your teammates’ morale. Such an attitude in the game when needed increases the chances of turnovers for the opponent which is a win-win for you. Remember a good defender, and guard always gets the coach’s interest.

Be Quick In Box Out

A good and quick rebounder is what a coach needs on the court. If you are vigilant and quick to box out, you will immediately be the one getting extra playtime. Quick rebounding is as important as scoring. You basically block the opposing player to make a basket, therefore, you need to be extra speedy doing that. Hence, if you are a good rebounder, the coach will find reasons to put you on the court.

Good Shots Leads To More Playing Time

Yes, that’s correct, a good shot is good for your other team members, and increases your chances of scoring. Taking a bad shot will always land you on the bench, therefore, take a shot vigilantly so your other team members can get the advantage of the shot by scoring a basket. Your coach will notice how you shoot the ball and will find ways to keep you staying on the court.

Extra Passes Leads To More Playing Time

The player who makes extra passes is not only liked by the coach, but also by the other team members. Every player likes to have the basketball in their hands for a little time. Therefore, if you pass the ball to everyone, you will immediately get attention from your teammates and coach. This altruist attitude will get you more passes, and playing time on the court.

Look At The Coach When He Is Talking

Eye contact with the coach during the game or break times plays a vital role in earning your playing time. When the court gets crowded during the game, you should look at your coach to let him know that you give him all the due respect and importance. Look at what the coach is saying, and act upon that. Such an attitude will bring you to the coach’s sight and will keep you on the court for longer.

Respect Your Coach And Teammates

Always remember that respect earns respect. If you are on good terms with your coach and team members, they will give respect in return. A good teammate is loved by everyone, and the team members are likely to perform better with you. Moreover, your manners and attitude also get noticed by the coach which benefits you in many ways. So, these are pretty much all the ways to earn playing time on the court, and let you perform better.

What is playing time in a basketball game?

Playing time is the total time allowed for the players to play on the court. Usually, the game stretches on 20 or 24 minutes and is divided into two halves. The time period is different for different states and different levels of a game. The players are allowed to play only in the playing time allowed. The good news is that you can earn playing time if you play tactfully to have more scoring chances.

What are the ways to earn playing time in basketball?

There are many ways to earn playing time. The most important one is to be worthy of that little extra time the coach gives you. Show the coach that you are only here to help your team and that you will spend each second of that playing time in a helpful way. Do what you are good at during that time so that your coach can acknowledge your efforts and think of giving you extra moments to play. Be a worthy player and be tactful so you can earn extra playing time from your coach.

What are the reasons for the coach not giving you extra playing time?

Don’t be disheartened if your coach doesn’t consider you for playing enough on the court. Sometimes, the coach might think you are overtired, injured, or just someone else who deserves those extra minutes of playing on the court. It can also happen because of your attitude, therefore pay extra attention to your attitude of playing the game. Remember the coach’s decision is best for the team, so if he picks another team member to play instead of you, know that it’s for the best.

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Final Thoughts

Basketball is a team game in which everyone is eager to play for as much time as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone can have extra playing time, and most of the players even spend their time on the bench. If you really want to get playing time on the court you really need to prove yourself to be worthy of that. I have listed some of the effective ways to earn playing time in basketball that will help you in your future ventures.

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