How to Play FIBA Basketball

How to Play FIBA Basketball?

Each game has certain criteria and boundaries to play. Similarly, basketball has its own rules and regulations that all the players have to follow. Also, not just the players, but if sometimes a player doesn’t follow any of the rules then the referee is always there in the match to make sure that they all do.

But when basketball was divided into many tournaments like all the other sports. They hold different worldwide private and international tournaments, and then all management decided to make their own rules.

And because of this, now every player has to practice according to the tournament rules that they will be playing. Similarly, if you want to know how to play FIBA basketball, then stick with us throughout the article.

How to Play FIBA Basketball?

How to Play FIBA Basketball?

There are certain rules made to be followed by all the players and the referees are always there to make sure all of the players follow them. Similarly, FIBA also has some rules, and to follow all of those like a good lad, you need to first know those rules.

Therefore, we have collected all the information about their rules and trying to make the players aware of them as much as possible.

Some important and basic basketball regulations are as follows:

1. Half-court and one basket

This is a game of 3×3 that can only be played on half of the traditional court. Let me tell you some important line markings so you don’t miss any points. The court for 3×3 basketball matches is exactly 49 feet wide and 36 feet is the depth of the court. And these are the official 3×3 basketball match rules so don’t think that someone didn’t have enough space and that’s why they made this game. 

In the traditional court markings there is a line at the 19-foot distance for a free throw mark and similarly, if you go ahead then you will see a line at the 22-foot marking. This 22-foot line is basically the 2-point line which is taken from the traditional court of basketball.

Not just these but there is a no-charge basketball semi-circle as well.

The official FIBA rules say that size 6 balls must be great for playing FIBA. But please know that these rules are adaptable according to the available total space to play 3×3. 

2. Number of players

As the game’s name suggests, there should only be 3 players from each team on the court as it is only a half-court game.

Like only three players from team A and 3 players from team B. But this doesn’t mean that there are only three players allowed to be in a 3×3 team. All the teams have one substitute for worst-case scenarios like if a player gets injured or whatsoever.

3. Neutrals

According to the game rules and the number of players playing on the court, only 1 or 2 referees should be on the court. This is because when one referee handles other situations of the game, the other one keeps records of the total score of each team and vice versa.

It doesn’t really matter if there’s one referee at the court or two, but the main thing is that if there are two, the responsibilities must be divided.

4. Rules to start the game

According to the FIBA rules for basketball 3×3, both teams have to warm up a little before the match starts. This is so that no players get injured or get to say we weren’t ready. This is also very important for the players to get used to the court and its layouts.

After that, there’s a coin toss that determines which team will get the ball in hand the first time. Once any of both teams win, they will even have the opportunity to decide whether they want the ball possession right at the beginning of the game or not.

Because there may be potential overtime and it can be crucial if you have the ball in hand in that overtime. And as we have told you earlier that the game must start on time, therefore, both teams know that there can be only three players on the court when the game starts.

5. Point scoring

Now comes the time for point scoring and the rules are very simple here. If you hit the target and basket the ball by throwing it from within the arc line, it will count as 1 point for you. Similarly, if you basket the ball successfully but this time from behind the arc line, it will get you 2 points.

Now comes the free throw. If you think that you can basket the ball from wherever you are, it is a good thing for you. This is because if you become successful in making your shot at the target, it will get you 1 point for just trying. 

6. Some other basic rules of basketball like playing time/Winner of the game

There are 10 minutes of the total time that both teams have to play. If any of the teams scored 21 points in those 10 minutes of time that team wins. Similarly, if both teams didn’t win the first regular round, it means they will have to play the potential overtime.

But if the overtime has been decided, then both the teams will get one minute’s break before the next round which is called the overtime round. The teams will have to score at least 2 points in the overtime and whichever team scores those 2 points first, wins the game.

If the entire team is not available on the court to play right before the starting time of the match, the entire team will be considered that they lost the match. Similarly, if any of the teams get injured completely, they will also be considered to lose the match.

But in this case, the winning team will have the chance of either keeping the point or losing in forfeit to show support and sportsman spirit. But in both cases, the losing team will still be considered lost no matter what.

How do you play FIBA basketball?

The very first step to playing FIBA is that all the players need to register themselves on the 3×3 backend. There are national bodies for the registration of players from all age groups and you should find the best one suitable for you.

How is FIBA Basketball different?

FIBA is not so much different than Basketball because the only difference between the both is that the NBA ball has 8 panels while the FIBA ball has 12. Other than that, the number of players also differs from each other as NBA has all the players playing while FIBA has only 3 players from each team on the court.

How do you qualify for FIBA?

The answer is really simple. By winning the qualifying rounds. Even if you don’t win all the matches in FIBA, there’s still a chance of you getting qualified for the semi-final. This is because when the top three winning teams qualify for the semi-final, the fourth-best team that didn’t win the qualifying round will also go into the semi-final.

How many team fouls are allowed for each team in FIBA play?

There is a total of four team fouls in a team’s quota in the first ten minutes of the game. But if no team has committed any of those allowed team fouls in that time, then they can use the three-team fouls opportunity in the first three minutes of the overtime. Even if a team hasn’t committed any fouls in that given time, then they can commit one free-of-penalty foul in the last 2 minutes of the overtime duration.

What size ball is used in FIBA?

The size 7 basketball is used in all the men’s FIBA and NBA matches. But women use the size 6 basketball in both the FIBA and the NBA matches.

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