How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball (1)

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball

Seems like you are perfectly utilizing your skills on the basketball court but something that is pulling you back is how to increase vertical jumps for basketball, right? For basketball players, vertical jumps are as important as dribbling the ball thus it is necessary that their lower body works efficiently which will help them in playing extraordinarily on the platform and help them with vertical jumps.

Whether you are a basketball player or any other athlete, your lower body muscles should stretch to their maximum, increasing your flexibility and this is only possible if you work out on a daily basis.

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball (1)

This workout should specifically and purely include stretching of your lower body muscles as this will increase your vertical jump for basketball. Carry on with this article and you will find easy ways to increase your vertical jumps for basketball in no time.

How To Increase Vertical Jumps For Basketball

There are a few basic techniques by which you can definitely learn how to increase your vertical jumps for basketball and they are as follows; plyometrics(These are considered to be the best exercises for vertical leaps), calisthenics(These exercises are simple but play a vital role), and weight training.

Keep in mind that you have to check your increase in jumps by keeping the record.

Plyometric Exercises

Bulgarian Split Squats

Place a box or chair behind you and put your non-dominant foot over it. Slowly move down until the knee of your non-dominant leg touches the ground. Then move up again. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times then switch to the other leg and try the exact process with it.

Box Jumps

Place a firm box in front of you that can hold your weight. Stand straight with your legs apart at shoulder distance. Move down on your legs, when your thighs become parallel, give a sudden jump on the box. Jump back down in a squat position and repeat the exercise.

Jump Rope

By exercising with the jumping rope you can increase the strength of your muscles. It is better to do the jumping rope in a room with a hard floor and where there is plenty of space over your head so that the rope may pass easily. Try to work out 10 minutes daily. If you can’t do it continually then try to break it into portions for like 3 minutes and then do the rest of the exercise in between.

Jump Squats

Stand tall and move your feet shoulder-width apart. Move down slowly on your knees until your thighs become parallel. Once you are in a squat position, jump upwards with full power and come back in a squat position. In this exercise intensity of the jump matters a lot.


  • Plyometric exercises should be performed twice a week.
  • Try some other exercises like cardio or calisthenics during off days



Stretching will help you increase your muscle strength. You can perform this daily with other exercises. The best part is you don’t need any equipment for this work and it can be performed anytime.

Calf Raises

Stand straight on your feet. Slowly raise your weight on your toes and slowly put your whole feet back on the surface. Keep in mind that this exercise will work if you perform it slowly and steadily. Start with 20 cycles and level up on a daily basis.

Standing on One Leg

Stand straight on one leg and fold the other leg. Suppose that you fold your non-dominant leg and now your whole weight is on your dominant leg. After a minute switch the position of the legs. In this way, your dominant leg is folded now and your non-dominant leg has your body weight. This helps to make your ankles strong enough to prevent you from injuries during jumps.


Stand straight and take a step forward with one foot. Now bend the knee and lean down towards the surface. Now reverse the motion and stand straight. Try this same motion with an alternate leg. Try to do this 10 times with each leg.


  • Calisthenic exercises should be performed daily to increase the strength and swiftness of body muscles
  • You should take out at least one day off per week

Weight Training

Weight Squats

To perform this you should first open your feet hip-width apart and hold dumbbells or barbells in your hand then put them on your shoulder and rest it there. Now try lowering your body as much as you can, and then stand straight slowly with it. Repeat the process at least 16 times making two sets in beginning.

Single-arm Dumbbell Snatches

Place the dumbbell down on the floor and stand straight. Now make your body in a squat position and pick dumbbells. Stand up by holding the dumbbells and put your hand up in the air for a few seconds. Lower your hands near your shoulders and squat again. Do 2 sets of 8 reps.


  • Do weight training at least 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Take a day off between weight lifting days
  • At Least take one day off per week

Tracking Your Vertical Leap

After a few days of exercise track your vertical leap by jumping up in the air. You will notice the difference in your jump. The jump might not feel too high at the start of your exercises but after a month you will notice a visible change. Track your measurement from day first. You should write a date and how high you jumped on a diary or any sticky note on a daily basis.

How long will it take to improve vertical jump?

If you are intermediate then you can increase your vertical leap by 6 inches over the next 6 months. But if you are advanced then you can achieve four more inches.

Does running faster make you jump higher?

Sprinters can not only run fast but can jump high as well. Sprinters jump in their training. Research has shown that the more you are capable of jumping high, the faster you can run.

Can shoes make you jump higher?

Some athletes jump higher wearing shoes that are specially designed to make an athlete jump higher. Some shoes might support you jump a little higher than actual.

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Keep exercising on a daily basis or on alternate days depending upon the type of exercise you are performing. Take a day off where necessary. The only way to increase your vertical leap is to maintain your exercise routine without being lazy. Track your improvement as well, this will encourage you to do more. Improvement may seem to be slow, but be determined about your purpose and you will succeed.

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