How to Deflate A Basketball

How to Deflate A Basketball? Know All The Requirements First

Deflating a basketball is a nightmare for basketball fans because they like to play regularly. But just in case you need to deflate it then you need to know how to deflate a basketball? So, to completely understand how to do it like a professional with or without the proper equipment, read the complete article.

How to Deflate A Basketball

This article also covers almost all of the possible scenarios of why you may need to deflate your basketball. Also, how to do it in all use case scenarios.

How to Deflate a Basketball

Deflating a basketball is not so difficult but you should do it so you can inflate it whenever you need. Therefore, to deflate the basketball like a professional, you need to have the proper equipment so that the basketball doesn’t get leaked.

2 Most Important Things you need to deflate a basketball

1. Inflation Needle

Inflation needles are used to exert pressure on the airlock of the basketball. These needles are not so expensive also they can be found at any athletic store. These are just some small pins and that’s why these are not so expensive as well. You can even get them from Amazon as well as these in huge sales among basketball players.

Some people also claim that you can use other pointy items like a hairpin or paper clips. I do not recommend using such things because it doesn’t matter if they work or not. There’s always a chance that you using such items to deflate the basketball that you may get it permanently damaged.

This pin’s pointy side is not pointy it’s just thin from that side. There’s a round and smooth tip at the thin side of the pin that doesn’t damage the ball at all. So no point in risking your whole enjoyment for just a cheap thing.

2. Air Pressure Gauge (optional)

The Air pressure gauge is a great tool to measure the air pressure inside your basketball. It helps you to practice at the best air pressure level that is used by professional basketball players. Also, you can even deflate your basketball but that is an optional thing.

You do not necessarily need to have an air pressure gauge to deflate a basketball. Only an inflation needle will be enough if you want to fully deflate your basketball or even deflate it to set the pressure level inside.

First, let’s check out how to deflate a basketball without an air pressure gauge.

How to deflate a basketball without an air pressure gauge?

Follow the steps below to deflate a basketball easily without using an air pressure gauge.

i. Check the pressure in your ball

Checking the air pressure in your ball is the first step and it is very easy. If you think that your ball is overinflated or you’re thinking about whether to inflate it or deflate it. You should take a quick test to see how much the air pressure is in the ball.

Drop the basketball from the height level of your chest and see if it bounces back up to the level of your waist. If this is the case then your ball is overinflated and you should deflate it for better performance.

This step is not necessary only if you are deflating your ball to transport or store it. Otherwise, you can skip this step and jump directly to the second step.

ii. Moisten the inflation needle

Now because you have to insert the inflation needle into the air valve, you need to moisten it. You may already know that lubrication is your best friend when you want to easily insert something inside.

And that is the reason why making the inflation needle wet with water, oil, or even saliva is important. Otherwise, the needle may damage the air valve when inserted.

iii. Insert the needle into the air valve

Insert the needle by holding it from the thicker side and putting the thinner side inside the air valve. Keep going deeper into the valve until your needle reaches the maximum insertion point. Do not press it until you’re ready after reading all the next steps.

iv. Let the Air Escape

Now press the needle a little harder to let the air come out of the ball. When the air starts to come out, you can hear it as well and your fingers will feel it. But now remember the reason why you’re deflating your basketball.

It’s because when you deflate your basketball, it only takes one or two seconds to get it to the level of air pressure that you may want.

So take care of the pressure to play an enjoyable round. But if you are going to just store the ball or transport it, you can keep going until the ball is empty. Also, in the end, press it a little bit to fully release the air from the inside.

v. Remove the needle

Feel the air pressure inside but do it quickly. After it reaches the required level of air pressure in the basketball, pull the needle out of the ball quickly. Or you may overdo the deflation and may need to inflate the ball a little to balance it.

vi. Check the air pressure again

Once you have deflated your basketball enough, you have to check the air pressure. Well, for storage purposes it is not needed but if you want to play then it is.

Check the air pressure of the ball again by dropping it from chest-level height. If it still comes back too high, repeat the same steps given by starting from step 2. You will only need to do it twice most of the time if you are already releasing an almost sufficient amount of air.

If you accidentally deflate your basketball too much, you need to inflate it again with an air pump. And then again check the air pressure to make sure you did not over-inflate the basketball.

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How to deflate a basketball with an air pressure gauge

Deflating a basketball with air pressure is a lot easier than it is without the gauge. It’s because when you use the air pressure gauge, it tells the air pressure level inside the ball simultaneously.

Follow the steps below to deflate the basketball with an air pressure gauge.

1. Moisten the inflation needle on the pressure gauge

The first step is the same as the second step of the above section. Moisten or lubricate the inflation needle to prevent your ball from getting damaged.

2. Insert the needle of the pressure gauge into the air valve

Now just insert the needle into the pressure gauge and see how much is the air pressure. The meter will show your ball’s inside pressure readings in an analog meter. It points the red needle in the meter at the estimated number value of the pressure.

There are a lot of digital meters now in the market but they can be expensive. But this meter can still work the same, the thing is that you have to manually measure the pressure and decide if it needs deflation.

3. Release air

If you think that the meter readings are showing too much pressure inside, then you have to release the pressure. To release the air pressure from inside the ball, you need to press the air pressure valve at the pressure gauge.

Once the air starts coming out of the ball, you have to keep an eye on the meter reading. When you reach your desired meter reading in the ball, take out the inflation needle to stop the air from escaping.

Final Words

Deflating a basketball is very easy and it has become even easier because of how we have listed the steps above. Just follow the guide and cater to your needs whenever you need to deflate your basketball.

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