Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights Out Shooting

Best 5 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Struggling with concentration and focus while playing a basketball game? Following 5 basketball shooting drills for lights-out shooting could be somewhat helpful for you to make your game interesting and exciting. They will help you stay fresh and will not let you enter into boredom during the match.

These shooting drills will make you a great light-out shooter. They not only enhance your shooting but also make you able to play basketball in a better and more professional manner. Focus keenly on the following description to make sure you are not skipping any important steps and are learning the drills very efficiently.

Now, let us jump onto the basketball court without wasting any more time.

Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

5 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Following basketball shooting drills for lights-out shooting will help you keep your energy at the highest while playing and increase the productivity of the game.

1. Hand-Off Shooting Drill

This shooting drill is used to make shooting correct and accurate without the need of reaching to the passes. This is a drill that is repeatedly used during the game to make sure the player becomes perfect in his shots. This hand-Off shooting drill is quite tricky for the players and takes time to make them professional or master.

The only way to master this hand-off shooting drill is repetition, repetition, and repetition. First of all, you should have 3 or 4 players with you to perform this handoff shooting drill. The shooter, the rebounder, ‘T’, is the one who hands off the ball to the shooter and a feeder who is responsible to provide the ball to the ‘T’.

While playing this hands-off shooting drill, the “T” will be standing in the free-throw line that is located at the front side of the hoop. The feeder will accompany him by standing at his side as he has to pass the ball to the “T” more often. The feeder will receive his ball from the rebounder.

Here is what the shooter has to do,

“He will plan his footwork and will follow it. While focusing on proper footwork, the shooter will take the ball from the “T” and quickly will make the shot. Then, when it comes to the repetition of the shot, he slightly will pedal behind the “T” and will repeat it”

The drill will run around for 5 minutes.

2. Form Shooting

While using the normal form you used for shooting, you need to flick your wrist and make an elbow extension without jumping, while performing this form shooting. These shots are renowned as short-ranged free throws. You have to use every marked spot and make four shots from each of them. This form of shooting is the one that ensures enhances your focus and minimizes the errors of your form.

By maximizing the accuracy of the shot, this form of shooting is considered ideal when played before the playing of the normal shots. You can say that this form of shooting is the warm-up shooting for the jump shot. You should have at least five players other than you to perform this form of shooting. With the distance of two feet apart, locate all 3 players.

One of the players should be in the front of the basket and the other two at the sides of the baskets at the same 2 feet distance. Now, by making a 45-degree angle, bend your knees but make sure to stay comfortable. Use only one hand and hold the ball in your hands. Do not use the other hand.

Move the ball towards your body and hold it in such a position that shows you are going to take a shot with one hand. Your arms should be straight and should be in a parallel dimension with the leg. Keep in mind the ball you are holding with your one hand is gripped not with the fingertips but with finger pads.

Keep holding the ball while placing your index finger in the center. Now concentrate and make sure your full body position is thoroughly in form. It’s time to take a shot. By not touching your ball with your other hand, make a shot using the same hand you were holding the ball.

Get your strength from your legs and make sure after making the shot, that you land back on the surface of the ground with your toes. Get the ball back and repeat the shot at least 30 times.

3. Mid-range Game

This mid-range shooting drill is the most basic and makes the player able to shoot perfectly from farther distances. This drill is similar to the previous one when it comes to the shooting from marked spots. This means you have to shoot 4 times from every spot marked.

Credit yourself with a single point if you make the shot, and if you can make a swish, give yourself an extra point. Whether you use this mid-range shooting drill in your game or not, you still have to practice it and make yourself perfect in this shooting drill.

Tips: A bonus tip for making mid-range shooting perfect is to stand while placing your feet shoulder-width apart. Additionally, there is one more tip to help you excel in this shooting drill and that is to use only the non-shooting hand to hold the ball.

This is essential to make sure you are not interfering in your shooting while holding the ball in place. Make sure to practically perform mid-range shooting while playing basketball to make your game more effective and professional.

Most popular and renowned basketball players used this mid-range game to get excellent and perfect in basketball. Follow these tips and tricks to make your mid-range shots your winning shots.

4. Pressure-Jump Shots

These are the shots that I recommend to every basketball player to learn. No game in the world is played without feeling pressure. You cannot deny the pressure of winning, you cannot deny the pressure of competition, and you cannot deny the pressure of perfection while playing any game on the court. Your success and your betterment are in learning the shots and techniques to use while playing the game under pressure.

These pressure-jump shots are the shots used by the players under mental pressure while playing basketball. The completion of the eight shots is compulsory. From these 8 shots, 2 should be from both of the high posts. And if the player misses the shot, he has to re-join the line and re-play the shot. This shooting drill involves two groups of players.

Attentively listen to the call of the coach. As soon as he says “start”, one player from each line will make a shot and will take back the ball to the same line. If they have made the successful shot, they will move towards the next line, otherwise, they will have to replay the shot from the same line. This happens the same way, until and unless the player has completed all eight shots.

5. Speed-Shooting Drill

This speed-shooting drill involves shooting the basketball rapidly. To practice and meet perfection you should make 3 groups with three to four members in each. Make sure every group has a basketball. Spread all of these players along the baseline of the court.

Speed-shooting drills are important for every player to learn basketball to keep possession of the basketball continuously throughout the game. The player that is going to initiate the drill should hold the basketball in his hand and move forward with the ball rapidly sprinting it on the floor.

While doing this sprinting action, push the ball upward to make a shot, make sure to rebound here, and reconsider the sprinting until the other end. Then shoot the basketball and pass it to the next player in your group. You are allowed to shoot by selecting between mid-range and three-point shots.

Final Thoughts

Although there are so many basketball shooting drills for lights-out shooting, here we are focusing mainly on the five best shooting drills. These are the necessary drills that should be learned by every player, specifically beginners to upgrade their beginning game into a professional game quickly and efficiently.

Shooting not only improves the game but also helps in enhancing physical power and strength. It helps you keep stable mentally and makes you positive throughout the game. The energy obtained by basketball shooting drills maintains an interest in the game.

You have no option to deny the importance of learning shooting drills, so make sure you are concentrating on everything mentioned above. Keep visiting our website for more interesting information about basketball.

Read More:

What are 3 things you need to do to be successful at form shooting a basketball?

Certain things should be followed while form shooting to make it successful. The top three of them are mentioned here. You need to focus on maintaining a good balance and coordination. Since, the energy comes from the legs, concentrate mainly on the power and strength of your legs while forming a shooting drill in a basketball. Make sure you are landing on your toes instead of the whole foot after performing the shoot. This is because it delivers the energy back.

What is the secret of good shooting in basketball?

There are so many things that should be kept in mind while shooting in basketball. To make your shooting good and better, you need to follow some rules and tips. The top three points that you should learn and follow while shooting in basketball are shooting the ball in the straight line and backspin and not the sidespin. Lastly, make sure you are following a consistent arc and angle of your body. All of these when followed throughout the game while shooting make the game super excellent and passionate.

What are the health benefits of shooting drills in basketball?

Shooting drills in basketball are essential skills that every basketball player should be able to perform. They not only help the player in enhancing the basketball game but also help them physically. Strength is the topmost gain that is achieved by basketball shooting drills. It maximizes the stamina of the player and builds strength in it. Shooting increases the balancing skills of the player and the synchronization of legs, arms, eye, and brain with each other helps the basketball player develop strong coordination skills. Moreover, it improves the movements and fine skills of the player too.

Why is shooting important in basketball?

Shooting is the most important skill that should be learned by every basketball player. It is the basic skill that helps in keeping the game interesting and making you excited for it. It also improves mental focus and makes sure you can play basketball most professionally. The repeated movements that the player makes while shooting increase the power and strength in your body. Moreover, it also keeps you consistently energetic throughout the game.

Is playing basketball a good exercise?

Basketball is not declared an aerobic exercise but yet it’s a great workout and physical activity to burn calories. It helps you lose weight quickly and stay in shape. Playing basketball increases the heart rate which ultimately enhances your metabolism helping you in staying healthy and fit. It has been estimated that an hour of basketball playing can burn from 700 to 750 calories. Moreover playing basketball helps you in improving the balancing, and coordination of your muscles, and will make you feel more energetic, confident, and skillful.

When shooting a basketball where does the power come from?

The total strength and power come from the legs of the basketball player while shooting. Understanding leg movement and balancing is the chief way to get perfection in making shots. Mastering and learning the rules, regulations, and mechanics is an essential part of this game. Learning how to synchronize your legs and your shots is the topmost fundamental step to playing a winning game of basketball.

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