Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running?

Basketball is a game of maneuvers so the players have to run left and right quickly to save the ball from the opponents. Therefore, when any outsider sees this happening on the court, they think that they can wear basketball shoes even while running.

But this is totally wrong because one should know are basketball shoes good for running or not. This is because basketball shoes are of different types and so are running shoes.

Hence, you cannot wear basketball shoes for running for so many reasons.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running

Let’s find out a few of them in this article in detail.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running?

We have asked several experts in basketball about this matter and they’ve all answered no. Now, this no can be because of so many reasons of which some of which were told to us in the same answer.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider basketball shoes for running.

Special design for the basketball game

Basketball shoes are specially designed for sports in which you never know which maneuver will get you out of a situation. Therefore, these shoes are made a lot bulkier and heavier in weight so that you can feel better while doing the footwork.

Basketball players take a lot of cuts and turns in a single run down the court and only these shoes can help them in those situations.

Flat and wide sole for extra stability

As you know there’s a lot of quick and rough movement involved in basketball, so these shoes have to be strong. Normal running shoes cannot withstand sudden stops and sprints on the court because their soles and lack of extra ankle protection are not for this sport.

Although running down the court in a diagonal or sideways motion can be easy in these shoes. But why would you risk your ankles and your game for just a few bucks on the court?

Running shoes provide comfort, flexibility, and lightweight

Not the like basketball players, athletes usually run in a straight line and they mostly stay on a constantly straight path. That makes their shoes and their usage a lot different than basketball shoes.

These running shoes provide you with a lot of straight motion while still being flexible and comfortable. As you don’t need to stop and sprint suddenly while running so you don’t need a hard flat rubber sole for extra stability.

Therefore, the weight of your shoes automatically comes down to what you need for extra speed.

While running, the most important parts of your feet that get hurt or have to bear the impact are the forefoot and the heel of your foot.

But these running shoes are designed after a well-thought procedure because they don’t let you feel the impact and absorb it on your own.

Features of the basketball shoes

Well, you mostly know about the major features of basketball shoes. But still, let’s find out about them in detail. You may already know that basketball shoes help a lot of players while on the court in sudden sprints and stops in all directions.

Therefore, their design is best for such activity and there is a huge risk of hurting your knees or your ankles on the court. Therefore, the manufacturers thought about it thoroughly and came to a solution that the shoes should have some extra protection around the players’ ankles.

On top of everything, basketball shoes being heavy shoes can make you feel tired even after a little while. But if your shoes help you in feeling strong during the game rather than making you tired? What about that?

Yes, basketball shoes are designed in a way that they bear all the impact that came to your heel and the ankle. Hence, you can easily jump and sprint on the court quickly to catch an opportunity.

There are basketball shoe models that have a lot of softer rubber soles because they let you play indoors on the wooden court efficiently. These shoes also have some variants that come with a high-top cut and you will not have to worry about your ankle anyway.

Features of running shoes

Running shoes are entirely different than basketball shoes. It is because when you run, your entire weight falls on the heel and the forefoot area in the sneakers. And these shoes are specially designed to cater to the pressure exerted on those areas.

Running is an activity that continuously puts pressure on those pivot points, so make sure that you wear such shoes that support you during those strides of shock.

Running shoes are very light in weight as compared to basketball shoes. Flexibility and comfort during the long distance are the key features of running shoes.

Therefore, you should be aware that these shoes are only made to run on tracks, trails, and concrete surfaces because of their rough and hard soles.

The above-mentioned features of running shoes are not just limited to these but are found in most running shoes. Otherwise, there are many more types of running shoes according to their usage. Like some of them are good for short-distance sprints while some are great for marathons or at least long-distance running.

Your running style and the type of running you do will decide what kind of running shoes you will wear. Some shoes take up the impact on the heels, forefoot, and midfoot.

A type of running shoe in which you have to run through difficult and uneven terrain, and in that situation, you will require to have worn high-top running shoes for added ankle support.

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Are basketball shoes good for running? No, basketball shoes are not for running. Running shoes are specially designed differently to support you while running. And as running is of multiple types according to the distance and then the type of surface, hence you need to consider everything before buying a pair of running shoes.

Every type of running requires a specific kind of running shoes because otherwise, it will be a lot harder for you to run and win the race if you are competing somewhere.

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