How to wear Basketball Jersey?

Basketball lovers don’t think twice when they see a basketball jersey that they afford. But most of the time you look silly because of your selection of clothing as you can’t wear a basketball jersey everywhere.

No matter how big of a diehard fan you are of basketball but still you should know how to wear a basketball jersey and the best way to style it. It’s not even that difficult if you follow the guidelines in this article as we cover the whole idea of wearing a jersey.

How to wear basketball jersey?

So please go through the entire article and find out about the best possible ways of wearing a basketball jersey.

How to wear basketball jersey?

Players wear basketball jerseys on the court for so many reasons and the most important reason of them all is because it is their identity. Other than that, it is also comfortable to wear while playing and they can move however they want without any restrictions.

But basketball jerseys are not just worn on the court but also outside the court. And that is because these are now a style statement for many. Let’s see how these jerseys should be worn to look good even outside the court.

Do not wear a personalized jersey

Each number on an NBA jersey and the name on it means a fortune. All the players in the NBA fight till their last breath so to say in the game to win a title. And if you wear an NBA jersey with the number 6 and the name changed to John, it will not be a good thing.

You must admit that LeBron James was a great basketball player and you respect him by not replacing his name with someone else’s. Also, all the basketball fanatics will not like it and will get offended.

Try and wear a T-shirt under your jersey

Although a basketball game has a proper uniform and the jersey has a big role in it, you should not be showing too much of your skin outside the court. Always remember to not raise your eyebrows by wearing a t-shirt under your jersey.

A colorful top would be a great idea

Basketball jerseys have certain colors and you have to make them mix and match with other items of your outfit. Therefore, try to find a suitable top full of colors or at least 2 or 3 solid colors. Looking good wearing a basketball jersey is just a few steps away.

Hence, try some Ts on with the V-neck or turtle neck. We’ve seen most of the people rocking basketball jerseys with turtle neck T-shirts under their jerseys.

And as your jersey is already a sports jersey, and you want to look a little more funky and sporty, then what else would be best for you other than the colorful sweaters that come in contrast or match the jersey a little bit?

Don’t tuck in your jersey on the streets, a big mistake

Although basketball players wear their jerseys on the court in a different way. They usually tuck in their jersey because it is a rule policy of the NBA that all the players have to tuck their jerseys in.

This is because of many reasons but keeping the jersey from hindering your performance and avoiding injury are the two major reasons. Therefore, players can’t do it.

But when you are on the streets and walking with your jersey tucked in, you will not look good at all. You have to keep it out as this is a street and not the NBA court and you’re not a player but just a fan.

Don’t wear the exact fit

People usually wear clothing in their exact fit. But this totally depends on what you’re wearing. If you are wearing a formal outfit or anything that needs to be in your fitting then obviously you should buy the exact fit.

But with basketball jerseys, you need to buy a size bigger than what you actually are. For example, a medium-sized person should wear a large (L) sized jersey because this is fashion in the jersey game. Also, you will look ridiculous if you wear a jersey that is the exact fitting of yours.

Add bottoms in the complementary category

Wearing a jersey with a pair of jeans or shorts is another type of thing. But the best it would look is with basketball shorts. The length of your shorts will determine how catchy your jersey looks. Is it the center of attraction or not?

As a general rule of thumb, we prefer the basketball jersey with a pair of basketball shorts and the casual but great length of your shorts is an inch or two above the knees.

Select a pair of shoes that will go with the dressing

If you are wearing a good-sized pair of shorts under your jersey, you will most probably want to wear a pair of sneakers. It is because they all go a long way but if the bottom is something else, then your shoe type will be determined accordingly.

Usually, we suggest sandals, loafers, and boat shoes depending on the type of bottoms you wore.

Let’s make it simple for you by just listing some dos and don’ts here.

Dos and Don’ts of wearing a basketball jersey


  • Always wear a t-shirt under your jersey when outside the court. Also, make sure that the colors go well with each other for example the light blue t-shirt will look good under a dark blue jersey.
  • Never wear a fully fit jersey, always go for a size bigger than your size because it is the trend of wearing a basketball jersey.
  • The best way to make your jersey stand out is that wear different-colored shorts below the jersey. The jersey and shorts’ colors should be different than each other. But when you’re on the court, always wear the uniform, or even in practice, try to wear the same colored shorts in the court.
  • Wear a jersey with a number attached to some famous event with something special on it to refer to something. Usually the more you throwback to something, the more you are deemed to be a real OG fan of the basketball.
  • If you got any styling accessories like chains or maybe some thumb rings and shades, it will make you cool to rock everywhere.
  • Do not just throw the jersey when you take it off and do not fold it and put it anywhere in your cupboard. Always hang the jersey as a wrinkled and folded jersey never looks good.


  • Not wearing a t-shirt under the jersey on a cold day will make you look dumb. If you still want to go for it, you’re good to go. But don’t complain about not making new friends afterward.
  • A basketball jersey is not a uniform outside the court, so never tuck it in.
  • Any formal party or meeting is not the place to wear a basketball jersey. There’s always a proper dress code for each occasion.
  • Some people might want to wear a cap with their jersey, although it is not restricted and you can wear it if you want to. But wearing a cap is not a thing with a basketball jersey, instead, it is the baseball players’ uniform.


We have covered almost all the aspects and dos and don’ts of the jerseys. But if you are still wondering “how to wear a basketball jersey?” then read the above article carefully and you will understand everything.

There’s a way where you will look amazing with your jersey but if you think that wearing a basketball jersey anywhere anytime doesn’t matter, then you’re definitely wrong.

If you liked this article, please share it with everyone and keep visiting this website regularly for more updates. Also, if you have any questions about it, please ask in the comment section below and we’ll be glad to answer and listen to all your suggestions.

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