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Are Lebron 9 Good Basket Ball Shoes

Yes! There is no denying that basketball is a loving and entertaining game played and liked all over the world. For playing basketball right accessories to opt for is a must-have. Lebron 9 basketball shoes are one of the best ones to opt for as they have been a great shoe to play with.

So if you want to know more about it, are Lebron 9 good basketball shoes? Keep on reading the informative piece of information.

Are Lebron 9 Good Basket Ball Shoes

Are Lebron 9 good basketball shoes

Lebron 9 are good basketball shoes, as there are many good reasons. Some of them are listed below:

Cushion setups

The cushioning setup and consistency are good features in basketball shoes. In this respect, Jordan Meko MB and Lebron 9 are identical to each other, and the combo cushion was increased with the foam used in the shoe’s midsole. It makes them feel comfortable, very consistent, and gives a smooth and even ride from heel to toe.

In the extra space, the addition of cushioning offers great flexibility so the guard can perform with comfort and ease on the extreme level but the professional players can benefit from the increased cushioning source. In the opinion of some players, Lebron 9 basketball shoes offer an excellent cushion level as they come with a lightweight injected Pylon.

The difference between the two aspects is significant and precise, and I prefer the cushion over the Pylon.


The Lebron 9 basketball shoes come with excellent traction overall, but the rubber with which it is featured has more flexibility and works best as compared to the original. No matter how quickly you move and how often you stop in the middle, Lebron 0 basketball shoe is the best to keep you with every step.

The drawback of the Lebron 9 shoe is that you will often slip due to the performance teaser. You can modify the way you move around a bit to get them out and trigger traction less surface so that it should not affect your movements. This problem is not so big because the overall traction is very high and solid.


The shoes come with the perfect fit for all sizes, unlike Lebron 9 Elite basketball shoes. You can have specific issues in the areas of the boots as compared to other models. The problems in terms of fit can arise when you use socks with them. So it is an excellent option to wear thin socks to avoid hotspots, especially when the shoe’s insole is made with the carbon fiber sidewall.


The material of Lebron 9 basketball shoes is roughly the same as the previous models but has little difference in terms of flexibility, which is increased to maintain a secure fit. There is quite a reduction in weight because of removing some layers and more excellent flexibility features. The shoes are featured with carbon fiber, giving the wearer an incredible feeling of security.

In addition, it gives more confidence while playing because the materials can keep you well organized and perform under pressure.


A shoe of any type should be ventilated well to keep your feet dry and away from sweat, as Lebron 9 basketball shoe is the best option to fulfill the purpose. The Lebron 9 is a wholly upgraded model from the Lebron 9 Elite.

In Lebron 9 basketball shoes, the layers have been removed and perforated sections are introduced, providing an excellent ventilation level. The inner of the shoe is featured with the Pro Combat, which is a sweet touch to the shoe’s look because, amazingly, it does not retain moisture.


The support provided by Lebron 9 is a great feature and is even a better level. In the lateral side panel of the shoe, the carbon fiber is strategically placed, which perfectly keeps the foot and offers some additional locking features at the mid-foot section of the shoe.

Nifty lockdown wings remain still in place and keep your foot in the heel of the shoe, offering you more average lockdown. This is further complemented by the inner sleeve, which is nicely sculpted in the heel.


In terms of springiness and bounce, I doubt Lebron 9 is a super responsive shoe. Thus it is a more impact-protected shoe than resilient wear, especially in the heel section.

Therefore, zoom in the forefront comes with a bit of spring to it, which helps take off and launch in the first step.


Lebron 9 basketball shoe is made with the fuse that seems the sturdiest and toughest material on basketball footwear these days. The material used in the shoes is the thickest, which helps in support and durability. Fuse has already been considered a durable material, but its introduction in the Lebron 09 takes it to the next level.

So Lebron 9 is a great basketball shoe for outdoor basketball games due to its heavy construction and thus preserved its original shape all day long. As the shoe is made with Flywire technology helps to enhance the durability of the shoe.

In the shoe’s midsole, the cables seem to hug the foot. Therefore, the shoe acts as a performance weapon compared to a regular basketball shoe.

Some Intrested Article

What are Lebron shoes good for?

The Lebron shoes are suitable for durability, support, firewire cables, and extra feed laces. Cushioning feature is not left behind as it is paired with a zoom air system and air max.

When did Lebron 9 release?

 Lebron 9 was released overseas on October 1, 2011, in the China colorway and worldwide on October 25, 2011, in the black /red colorway.

Are Lebron 9 shoes good quality?

Indeed, Lebron 9 basketball shoes are expensive for many, but the shoes come in high quality. The upper of the shoe is more supportive, soft, and flexible. The shoe’s feel is very premium, making them different from all other models.

Final thoughts

So to wrap up, the Lebron 9 is excellent footwear for basketball as it combines distinct features like performance, good material, durability, support, traction, breathability, and lockdown. Thus creating a shoe for one of the best shoe kinds for those players who trust in athleticism and cater long-lasting supportive shoes. 

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