Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking?

At first, basketball shoes were not so famous outside the court but then a boom happened in their trend making them a fashion style. And ever since the first time basketball shoes were worn outside the court, they are the iconic fashion wear to date no matter what brand or type they are.

Also, if you look at the shoes Michael Jordan used to wear then there is no other good option than the Jordans these days on the market.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking?

This is because basketball fans like to look like their idols and that’s why they buy their things or at least somewhat similar things. But are basketball shoes good for walking?

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking?

Yes of course. We have seen so many basketball fans wearing their favorite basketball-branded shoes on the streets. And some of those shoes are very expensive as well but still, they buy and wear them.

Now think about it, why someone would spend so much money on something that they can’t even wear wherever they want?

But the thing with basketball shoes is that they should be very comfortable on your feet as you will be wearing them on roads, basketball courts, and everywhere.

Although the same shoes can be worn outside the court too, we’d recommend you have an extra pair of these shoes just for the court. And if you are a professional or like to play basketball properly, then you should have to spare a pair of these shoes.

Even if you can’t afford to have two pairs, at least leave one for the court.

Wearing basketball shoes for walking

Basketball shoes are not made for wearing casually and walking on the streets but yes, you can wear them anywhere. As we told you earlier that they have become a style statement for the last many years.

Hence, the only thing to wear on the streets that you should take care of is that they should be low-cut basketball shoes/ sneakers. This is so that your movement doesn’t get restricted and you can walk freely.

Also, the ankle movement should be accurate to avoid any injuries during running or speed walking.

But your basketball shoes’ longevity is something you can’t miss out on. This is because they’re already very expensive as well as they are made to run for a few years. With just a little care, your shoes will complete their lifetime without wearing out.

Hence, you should check if your shoes are comfortable to walk on flat and solid surfaces, then you can wear them anywhere. Other than that, the general but very important care is the cleaning of your shoe soles especially from underneath the shoes.

It adds to their durability and supports your movements all along.

Can basketball shoes be worn as a fashion trend?

Basketball shoes are a big thing in the fashion industry as well and we’ve seen many celebrities wearing these shoes with multiple types of clothing. Most of the time, these basketball shoes have been worn with a pair of shorts or jeans.

Protip: If you want to wear basketball shoes and make a good combo with your clothing, then try to wear something that doesn’t reach the shoes. It’s because the basketball shoes are made with a high-cut design that makes them covered when you wear a pair of too-long jeans.

Anything that can cover the basketball shoes, will not look good with them because then the whole point of wearing them will die. Shorts and narrow short pair of jeans may be a good combination for wearing these and letting them grab the attention.

Also, the clothing should be looking good with the shoes with respect to the color, type, and style. One should make sure that their shoes attract people and grab their attention.

Hence, one needs to wear clothes that aren’t too flashy so that all the center of attention becomes your shoes.

Best basketball shoes to wear casually

When you think about wearing basketball shoes on the streets the first brand you come across is the Nike Air Jordans. But this is obvious because everybody knows about this brand and its product.

What we did is that we want to introduce you to some other good basketball shoe brands, so we compiled a list of a few good brands below.

Although these shoes are not very famous like the Nike Air Jordans still they are in high demand on the market and are considered to be the most fashionable shoes out there.

LeBron 16 Low’s

Nike LeBron 16 Low is a great shoe for short-distance walking outside the court. It’s because they have a strong rubber sole on the outside so that you don’t bear the hardness of the ground.

But still, these shoes are made with soft construction in which you can feel the ground from the inside. And to protect your feet, they have a soft and padded heel collar with low-bootie construction.

Kyrie 4 Confettis

These are specially designed to rock on the streets. Therefore, these shoes are one of the most stylish shoes out there.

Nike Kyrie 4s have a very comfortable phylon midsole on the inside and as you are to walk outside the court in these shoes, they have also given treads underneath. Its color combinations are great as you may have noticed them somewhere already.

Harden Vol 2

These basketball shoes are very unique in their design as they have very beautiful and unique pebbles-like treads underneath. Also, their sock-like construction with a low-cut design that enhances your mobility is something extraordinary.

Adidas Harden Vol 2 can be used for long-distance walking because of the extra traction coming from the treads on the sole. Their minimalist design in combination with too many options of light colors to choose from is one of the major reasons for their success.

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Final Takeaway

Are basketball shoes good for walking? Yes, according to the points that we made in this article and a few examples, we can say that you can wear basketball shoes for walking. In fact, there are some great options on the market that you can choose from.

But don’t forget that there is proper fashion police that will hold you accountable for not pairing them with good clothes. So always make their combination look attractive and let the shoes grab all the attention by wearing some soft colored and light colors.

We hope that you liked this article. If you did, please make sure to share it with others, and don’t forget to visit this website regularly for more updates. Please write to us in the comment section below about what you think about this topic overall.

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