Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2022

One has flat feet if the whole bottom of his feet touches the ground when he stands. Your games will be much more fun if you wear a pair of cushioned basketball shoes that provide your feet with that extra support.

Because it may be quite difficult to locate footwear that fits flatter feet, we decided to compile a list of the top basketball sneakers for players with flat feet. Did you know that everyone has flat feet (no arch) at birth and that exercise and walking help to develop an arch?

Several individuals were created without an arch for unknown reasons, and possessing flat feet might make it difficult to choose your next pair of basketball shoes. Due to this trouble, those specific gamers are more susceptible to ankle accidents and plantar fasciitis because of intense overpronation because of not having the right arch in the foot.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Finding the ideal shoe that will enable players to play and run properly without any difficulty depends greatly on guidance.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Nearly 30% of people have flat feet, making it challenging for basketball players with flat feet to choose the right footwear. People with flat feet must purchase pricey orthotics, which must be added on top of the cost of the shoe.

Therefore, even if you do discover a pair of shoes that you like and that meet all of your performance requirements, you will still need to spend more money to make them playable.

To assist our friends who play basketball with flat feet, we have put up a list that is complementary to our list of the finest basketball shoes after testing many models and hours of footwear.

Nike LeBron Witness 4 basketball

I just like the Nike men’s Lebron Witness IV basketball footwear for the cushioning, exceptional match, stability, support, and dependable traction. You wish to include a cushioned heel collar and a sturdy heel counter for that loose fit. The heel collar has a distinctive winged lion pattern that gives it an added touch of flair.

Underneath the sole of the sneaker are lightweight Nike Zoom Air units that are excellent at supporting your toes’ balls as you walk and pivot. The outsole’s dynamic shockwave design offers the grip you have to keep from falling on a hardwood surface.

Plantar fasciitis may comfortably wear those shoes. I would admit that they do tend to run on the small side, so if your feet are average in breadth, I could suggest going up half a length. If your feet are broader, I have written below all the instructions and examination please read it.


  • Enough cushioning on the forefoot and ankle
  • Because of the cushioned heel collar and strong heel counter, there is an incredible fit and balance in the area of the heel.
  • A rubber outsole with a shockwave pattern prevents slippage
  • More than one colorway to fit your style


  • Runs narrow, so getting the proper length can be complex

Nike men’s Air Visi seasoned 4

The Nike men’s Air Visi Season VI is an excellent pair of basketball footwear that fits many bins. A cushioned footbed, a lightweight phylon foam midsole, and a Tri-vis-Air-Sole provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

It also has a pivot point on the forefoot for greater control in the course of spins and turns. Normally, you get a sufficient foot and ankle support for the flamboyant footwork required while you’re taking in your defender with the spin circulate or hesitation dribble.

It keeps your toes cool and dry. The shoe upper is manufactured from synthetic and mesh material and has perforations to permit air circulation. The shoe has a breathable mesh lining. A textured rubber sole with a herringbone pattern, lateral outrigger, and flex grooves offers a top-notch balance of stability and versatility.

This is what you want to drive to the basket or keep your balance at the same time as you’re on the defensive facet. That is a comfy shoe to put on now, not only for human beings with flat feet but for the general public as well.


  • A fantastic foot and ankle guide.
  • Breathable top and lining
  • Exact traction and balance


  • Could be loud or squeaky

Basketball shoes by Adidas On the Game

When you have a larger flat, this is the choice for you! The Adidas OwnTheGame Basketball Shoe is a mid-cut shoe with cloud foam cushioning inside the midsole and footbed. Cloudfoam is an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) compound advanced by Adidas that’s tender, plush, and lightweight but sturdy. It offers aid and is probably one of the quality basketball footwear for huge flat toes.

It rates especially high on consolation, with an OrthoLite sock liner and textile lining. This cloth remains in shape for years, is long-lasting, and is breathable. Ortholite is awesome because it will keep your toes insulated and reduce moisture from sweat.

It has a long-lasting Adiwear outsole, a non-marking type of rubber for abrasion resistance and traction. This will help you reduce your likelihood of slipping whilst you sprint for a fastbreak.

In terms of looks, the stylish mesh upper with a leather-based vamp, debossed toe cap, and the Adidas signature 3-stripes offers a graceful, traditional appearance. It will likely be easy if you want to smooth and maintain it. It makes use of a lace closure for a specific fit and has a heel pull. I continually discover a heel pull to be a beneficial little addition, making it clear to place the shoe on when you have to rush to the court.


  • Specially made for massive flat feet
  • Ortholite sockliner presents the splendid moisture-wicking capability
  • Exceptional traction from the long-lasting herringbone-patterned outsole


  • Much less-bendy in comparison to the Nike men’s Air Visi seasoned VI

KD12 Nike Zoom

Generous Zoom Air cushioning and a unique design make that footwear a worthwhile option for someone who prioritizes overall performance.

Nike’s Zoom Air era protects your feet from shock and gives that added spring to boost your motion. The Nike Zoom KD12 Warriors Home has Zoom Air running the full length of the footwear, right under the sock liner for severe responsiveness. In addition, there’s another Zoom Air unit inside the heel for a jump. The leap works very well as you go for that quick run to the basket.

The Quad Axial Flywire cables embedded into the upper maintain the shoes’ minimal and extraordinarily lightweight at the same time as holding your foot consistent. Flywire is a thread made up of skinny, light but strong fibers. Those are located on sections of the shoe upper where the foot needs to be locked in, permitting the usage of less material to achieve the identical result. You don’t want to worry about your foot slipping in the shoe throughout your recreation.

The footwear has a padded collar, giving your ankle a cushy suit for remarkable assistance. The interior feels plush and clean with a sock liner, perforated padding, and a lightweight mesh upper that feels right now comfy and doesn’t require breaking in. A non-marking rubber outsole affords exquisite traction.

It does run slender, so purchase at a minimum of half the length in case you do not have slender toes.


  • Beneficent usage of Zoom Air for cushioning and performance raises
  • Light-weight and secure in your foot
  • The plush and smooth feeling of the shoe
  • Multiple colorways to suit your style


  • Requires a bit of breaking in to get to complete traction
  • Slim on the forefoot

Under Armour men’s Jet basketball shoes

The Under Armour men’s Jet Basketball Shoe is a respectable shoe option and springs at a reasonable charge point.

It has an EVA midsole, which is lightweight, bendy, and long-lasting, and has an EVA sock liner for added cushioning. An internal midfoot shank supports the arches to prevent your foot from rolling, which is especially beneficial for flat toes. It comes with just the proper amount of responsiveness to offer you that spring in your step.

An internal heel counter and bootie construction enhance the fit of the shoe. The shoe upper is made from a combination of synthetic material and fabric with perforations for breathability. The shoe structure is strengthened by a hard TPU (thermoplastic urethane) overlay. This makes it immune to abrasion and facilitates maintaining the form.

The shoe has exquisite traction coming from the rubber outsole with a unique pattern. It’s great for lateral movements for the duration of a ballgame and gives the wearer a superior grip.


  • Presents decent cushioning, arch support, and traction
  • Unique layout
  • Attractive rate factor


  • Shock absorption might not be as high as other footwear that I have reviewed

Don’s Issue 2

Many shoes that are accurate at assisting flat feet tend to be on the heavier side because of the greater padding, sole fabric, or special base. That isn’t the case with the D.O.N issue 2. Rather, the sneaker is extraordinarily light and uses a unique mesh to create a completely breathable design.

Whereas most shoes either reduce oz or generate a guide, problem 2 does both. In that way, it provides a strong, nicely rounded sneaker that stops accidents without being too cumbersome.

The only flat-footed players who won’t like this option are those with wider toes. The shoes, for all their execs, do run on the narrow side. If you have wider toes, it could be difficult to get an amazing suit.


  • Adequate support and a solid spirit. artificial mesh.
  •  Lightweight. aesthetically pleasing with a relaxed fit and feel.
  • A True-to-Size Fit
  • Best for lightweight companions


  • Don’t use them if you have wider toes

Flytrap 4

If you have flat feet and need a flexible shoe, you may use it in many different conditions. The Flytrap IV is a stable choice. The sneaker is on this list because of its excellent assistance. The Zoom Air unit is top-notch and only utilizes a great cushioning device for top-class guidance.

On top of that, they’re equipped with a unique indoor band and a specific lancing device. Each element works collectively to create a comfortable fit that creates plenty of lockdown without ever being too tight or uncomfortable. It’s an open layout in which the entirety comes together properly.

Just understand that the shoes aren’t the toughest around. You may get months of consistent play out of them. However, if you use them outside of a controlled health club setting, you’re going to experience wear and tear. The flyer’s effect protection is also a piece missing, which can be a bummer for excessive flyers.


  • Zoom Air in a rectangle.
  • Lightweight.
  • A lot of assistance due to the inside band and special lacing arrangement.
  • Cellular design
  • They are versatile


  • Not too tough; if you wear them roughly they will be torn.

Adidas Harden volume 2

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 is yet another excellent choice for athletes with flat feet because it was made for players that accelerate and have rapid footwork. The Harden Vol 2s include boost pellets in the midsole, which makes the entire midsole stronger since Adidas stopped the boost technology in the prior edition.

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 provides great impact protection and stability thanks to the strong midsole. The textile upper mesh of the Adidas Harden Vol 2, a medium-priced trademark product, not only increases the shoe’s resilience but also makes sure that this pair lasts for a very long time.

Many athletes with broad feet and flat feet will undoubtedly come to love wearing the Adidas Harden Vol 2s since they fit true to size. Even though the couple is elevated above the ground, the wide Zoom platform provides stability.


  • Exceptional stability and impact protection
  • Thanks to the cloth top mesh design, it is extremely durable.
  • stable


  • Variable inconsistent

Asics men’s gel-venture 6

Basketball shoes for flat feet are made to be supportive and comfortable for people who have this issue. For individuals seeking a basketball shoe that will provide them with the support they want, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is a fantastic choice. The shoe’s reinforced outsole adds extra stability, while the gel cushioning in the heel helps to soften impacts and preserve the foot.

The cushioned tongue and collar reduce chafing, while the mesh top promotes ventilation. Flat-footed basketball players will like the additional support and comfort that these shoes offer. Rubber is used for the outsole, which is textured to provide grip on the court. Additionally, the shoe is designed to be light so that you can move swiftly.

Additionally, the shoes frequently have advanced technology that helps absorb stress and lessen foot impact. As a result, basketball players with flat feet may play with more comfort and security. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is a great option for basketball players with flat feet thanks to all of these qualities.


  • Gel padding for impact absorption in the heel
  • Stability-enhancing reinforced outsole
  • Mesh upper for ventilation.
  • Padded collar and tongue to reduce chafing.


  • Low to the ankle.

Buying guide Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Arch style

Your overall balance greatly depends on the shape of the arches of your feet. It offers you stability when standing up straight, absorbs shock, and assists your foot in supporting the weight of your body. To have strong stability and shock absorption, look for basketball shoes with arch support and a sturdy midsole.

Size-the best fit for you

Any activity will be hampered by an ill-fitting shoe, not just basketball. Your shoes should fit comfortably, both in terms of length and breadth. Make sure your longest toe is at least one centimeter away from the shoe when it comes to length. The breadth of the shoe has to fit your feet at their broadest point.

If you plan to utilize shoe inserts or specialty insoles, you might want to consider going up a half size.

Finding the appropriate size is never easy since, depending on the design of the shoe, shoe sizing varies widely between brands and occasionally even within the same brand. If you have the time, read over the sizing instructions for each distinct brand.


The design on the outer sole, the material utilized, and the amount of surface area that makes contact with the floor all contribute to good traction. Optimal traction is provided by the conventional herringbone design on a rubber outer sole. There are modern variations on the classic herringbone pattern that nonetheless offer the same amount of traction on the ground and improve the shoes’ overall visual appeal.

Traction is crucial to maintain your stability and balance while playing the game’s fast-paced movements. The importance of this increases if you have flat feet.

Cushioned Shoe

Basketball shoes with adequate cushioning are essential, especially in the forefoot, heel, and ankle regions. Your shoes will fit better if they have adequate padding in these locations. When you sprint across the court, it provides extra protection for your ankles. When turning and hunting for an opportunity to take your shot, you will also feel at ease on the balls of your feet.

Design and Comfort

You should prioritize comfort while choosing new shoes, especially those designed for flat feet. Get something that supports your sole properly and has a lot of internal cushioning. Additionally, strong foundations and adequate ventilation are quite helpful in this respect.


Basketball shoes might be pricey, but you don’t always need to shell out a lot of cash to acquire a decent pair. Several reasonably priced choices provide decent support and padding.

Can we develop flat feet in later life?

Later in life, flat feet might occur. We do observe flat feet developing in certain elderly people because arches might collapse with age. Flattening arches can also be brought on by weight, arthritis, and injury.

How are flat feet caused?

There are several causes of flat feet, including inherited or resulting from a foot or ankle injury or a consequence of muscle illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis.

How Does Playing Basketball With Flat Feet Affect Me?

A normal foot arch distributes weight evenly and aids in promoting stability. As a result, you need a little more support for your feet and ankles if you have flat feet.

Although you may not have any control over your flat feet, you do influence the footwear you wear. You’ll notice a major change, and it will impact how well you play hoops, I promise.

Basketball players must leap often and run the entire length of the court. The more often you do this, the more strain your feet are under.

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We have provided all the information that you need to know about flat feet and the best wearables for them. All the shoes mentioned above are the best, but since the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI is a great all-around shoe and would work for a lot of basketball players, I like it.

For those who have flat feet or plantar fasciitis, this basketball shoe is easy to wear. It provides exceptional shock absorption and cushioning. Support for the ankles, heels, and arches is excellent.

While performing your attacking and defensive maneuvers, it provides just the proper amount of flexibility to let your feet move freely without sacrificing stability and traction. The holes on top and the breathable mesh interior keep your feet cool and dry.

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